$262,500,000 Contract Holder Justin Herbert Once Admitted ‘Living On’ Subway Sandwiches During His Rookie Season

Justin Herbert, who recently signed a $262,500,000 contract extension, has a surprising secret to his rookie season success: a diet primarily consisting of Subway sandwiches. In an exclusive interview with GQ back in 2020, Herbert shared the fact that he relied heavily on Subway sandwiches for sustenance.

The young QB had revealed that he practically lived on these sandwiches. However, as unconventional as it may sound, Herbert’s performance in the field actually attested to the effectiveness of his diet choice. As per his interview with GQ, the Chargers QB made a habit of enjoying Subway sandwiches for dinner, not once, but twice a night.

Justin Herbert Once Reflected on His Rookie Season Diet

In the interview with GQ, Herbert openly discussed his reliance on Subway sandwiches during his rookie season. He admitted to frequently enjoying these sandwiches. Talking about his go-to food, Herbert said, “Normally I’ll get two sandwiches (a day), One is a steak and cheese and then the other is the chicken bacon ranch, both on their Italian herbs and cheese bread. It’s been working for me. It’s a good thing to pick up on the way home.”

However, prior to his draft, Herbert had a totally contrasting diet. Talking about his pre-draft dietary regimen, Herbert had said, “I used a couple of food services that catered meals and had prepackaged meals ready to go for the day. When I did that, I was focused on low-dairy, low carb diets.”

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“It was a lot of protein. Now, since we’re in season, I try to maintain my weight, and in that process I need to kick up the carbs a little bit,” the star quarterback had added. It seems like athletes go through extreme dietary changes in order to get in best possible shape for the biggest stage. After all, it’s not easy to be a professional footballer.

Justin Herbert Also Reflected on His Early Morning Routine

In the same interview with GQ, Justin Herbert gave his fans a sneak peek into his daily morning routine. The Los Angeles Chargers QB shared the details of his early hours, saying,

“The day starts out pretty early. I wake up at about 5 a.m., immediately brush my teeth and head out the door. I live about 15 to 20 minutes away from the facility, and I really look forward to the drive because it gives me a chance to just listen to music and unwind.”

However, his morning diet was a delicate affair. Herbert confessed to leaning on Gatorade, protein bars, and chocolate peanut butter in order to fuel his system. His mornings were scheduled by the minute, beginning with a weightlifting session at 6 a.m. spanning an hour. It was then followed by crucial team meetings.

Talking about the breakfast, Justin Herbert said, “I usually have just the right amount of energy to get through all of this, and then at 9:00 or 10:00, I’ll have two slices of bacon, three eggs over easy, and two slices of wheat toast.” This carefully crafted routine and a disciplined lifestyle are the reasons why Herbert has done so well at such a young age.