29 Fitness Products To Help Get You Out Of A Workout Rut

Quiet Punch is a small business that started to make boxing accessible for all!

Plus, the punching bag comes with access to the Quiet Punch Play app, which has more than 100 hours of on-demand training and workout routines, meaning even beginners can use this equipment.

Promising review: “I have a really hard time self-motivating when it comes to exercising. But since I’ve gotten the Quiet Punch play system, I have felt totally excited and motivated to use it daily and have really noticed a difference in my energy, strength, and endurance. The bag is really easy to use, convenient for any space (especially small spaces like apartments), and installing it couldn’t be easier. I love being able to track my punches and the amount of content online; training videos, technique how-tos, and live classes provide so many great options for workouts. I just downloaded the app, which is amazing, and I am so happy with the positive changes in my mood as a result of this awesome product. Highly recommend!!” —Elizabeth K

Get it from Quiet Punch for $140 (originally $150; also available with a punch tracker).