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Godfather of bodybuilding Charles Glass continues to share valuable insights for optimal training. In a recent video posted on his YouTube channel, Charles Glass shared an ultimate upper body workout to get huge arms.

As an engineer, gymnast, and bodybuilder, Charles Glass has a unique approach to bodybuilding. His understanding of anatomy and body mechanics enables him to separate the grain from the chaff and optimize bodybuilding practices to benefit people. 

His bodybuilding journey started in high school after participating in gymnastics for a while. However, he chose to focus his energies on becoming a bodybuilding coach early on in his career. Over the years, Charles Glass has coached several bodybuilding legends like Flex Wheeler, Kai Greene, Shawn Rhoden, and Dexter Jackson, to name a few.

The Godfather of Bodybuilding routinely shares bodybuilding wisdom from his coaching sessions at the Gold’s Gym, Venice Beach, CA. Recently, Glass shared an ultimate upper body workout to build swole arms. 

Charles Glass shares upper body workout

Machine Preacher Curls

The arms workout should start with machine preacher curls to isolate the biceps. Charles Glass suggests focusing on squeezing the biceps hard at the end of the concentric phase to get a deep contraction in the biceps.

Seated Overhead Cable Triceps Extensions

This tricep movement follows the preacher’s curls. Overhead tricep movements work the muscle from a lengthened position and help emphasize the long head of triceps more. However, it also promotes overall triceps growth. The number one tip from Charles Glass is to maintain wrist stability and pull the weight strictly with triceps.

Superset – Arms Curls and Overhead Triceps Extensions

This antagonistic superset on the Matrix curls machine should conclude the workout. Matrix arms curl is similar to the preacher curl. However, the pad is placed at a very slight angle horizontally. Charles Glass used the machine to superset bicep curls and overhead triceps curls.

There are numerous opinions about the ideal duration of rest periods between the sets. Charles Glass follows a simple rule where he counts the time taken to finish a set and follows up with the rest period of approximately the same duration. Glass is not a proponent of very short rest period and explained the genesis of his training method:

“I didn’t know any better. So I was learning and I just superset everything. But I never would grow. I said, ‘what’s wrong?’ So I talked to a guy named Kenny Walker and he says, ‘Well, the reason you’re not growing Charles is because you’re moving too fast. Slow down… One at a time.’ I would start taking my time, squeezing the muscles, trying to feel it. Wow! That was a shock. Because I was always under the impression that you had to do superset, superset, superset… No! Don’t hurt yourself,” Charles Glass said.

He further stated:

“I build muscle. I don’t tear muscles down (anymore). You break it all the way down, it takes longer to build back up. So I will get to that point where it’s close but never go beyond.”

Charles Glass observed his associate Luman Kanali’s form as he performed the exercises and corrected him when needed.

Overall, the workout should consist of:

Charles Glass’ unique approach to bodybuilding has helped several professional bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts in achieving their goals. So head over to the gym and give his upper body workout a try!

You can watch the full video below, courtesy of Charles Glass’ personal YouTube channel: