Do You Know? This Fruit Has 4 Times More Vitamin C Than Orange

Whenever we talk or think about vitamin C, orange and lemons come to mind. These citrus fruits are loaded with vitamin C and are the most popular choice to get our daily nutrient fix. While oranges have long been celebrated as the poster child for vitamin C, there’s another fruit that deserves the spotlight: the humble guava. Believe it or not, guava contains a whopping four times more vitamin C than oranges! And it is in season right now!
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According to the United States Department Of Agriculture (USDA), a 100-gram serving of guava has over 200mg of Vitamin C content, which is much more than that of orange. Dietitian Mac Singh, in an Instagram post, highlighted the difference by revealing that a 100-gram portion of orange contains only 53mg of vitamin C.
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The Importance of Vitamin C: 

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, plays a vital role in several key functions that help keep us healthy: 

  • Vitamin C is your immune system’s best friend. It strengthens your body’s defence mechanisms, helping you fight off infections, viruses, and illnesses.  
  • Vitamin C is a key player in the production of collagen, ensuring that your skin remains supple and your hair and nails stay strong. 
  • Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that helps protect your cells from damage, reducing the risk of chronic diseases. 
  • Vitamin C helps your body create new tissue and aids in the process of mending wounds. 

Vitamin C is undoubtedly important for a healthy body, and guava stands as a true champion in providing to us. Dietitian Mac Singh shed light on various benefits of consuming guavas.  

Health Benefits Of Eating Guavas – The Vitamin C Powerhouse 

1. Helps in weight loss: 

The dietitian shared that “A small guava can have just 30-60 Kcals with a very high amount of fibre and minerals. This makes guava a healthy snack to munch on for weight loss.   

2. Helps in relieving pain during menstrual cycles: 

Menstruation cramps can be very uncomfortable. Guavas can “relieve your menstrual cramps if consumed on a daily basis during your menses,” revealed the dietitian.  

3. Helps in lowering your blood sugar levels: 

Guava is a great food to add to your diabetes diet. Mac Singh says, “As Guava is rich in fibre, it lowers the insulin in your body and does not let your blood sugar level rise suddenly.” 

 4. Good for your heart:

“Guava is full of antioxidants, potassium and fibre which helps in decreasing LDL cholesterol thereby decreasing the chances of stroke or risk of heart diseases,” he informs.  

 5. Your solution for constipation:

Guava is rich in fibre which aids digestion. “Eating more guavas may aid healthy bowel movements and help you to prevent constipation,” he adds. 

Incorporating Guava Into Your Diet: 

Now that you know the impressive benefits of guava, you might be wondering how to include it in your diet. Here are some easy guava recipes you can try. 

A word of caution: Always check for worms in guavas before consuming them.  

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