I did 50 chair crunches for a week — here’s what happened to my core

Here at Tom’s Guide, we love nothing more than an ab workout challenge — from dead bugs every day, to trying advanced windshield wipers, we’ve tried it all. Next up on my list was seated crunches, a seated ab exercise you can do between meetings, right from your office chair. I added it to my daily routine every single day for a week. Read on to find out what happened. 

Seated ab workouts are low-impact workouts that can be done from a chair, targeting your abdominal and core muscles. Unlike ab workouts that involve lying on your back on an exercise mat, seated ab workouts are accessible to those who can’t get down on the floor, have limited space, or simply want a workout that they can do sat from their office chair during a meeting (just remember to mute your mic!) Seated crunches, also known as chair crunches, are an excellent way to target your core if you’re working out from your chair.