ITZY’s Yuna Shocks Netizens With Her Unexpected Weight Loss Tips For Her Thin Figure

Her advice is…interesting!

ITZY‘s Yuna is known for her impressive and slender figure. Fans have wondered how she achieves her enviable tiny waist…

…and now she’s telling ELLE Korea all her unexpected secrets when it comes to maintaining her weight!

Yuna | 129

When asked about which exercise she does to stay in shape, she revealed that like many idols, she enjoys Pilates.

However, she surprised staff when she revealed “breathing” as one of her forms of exercise!

Yuna gets the most out of her walks by mindfully breathing.

Breathing exercise doesn’t really feel like an exercise. I just breathe. I don’t just walk. I walk while breathing.

— Yuna

In order to avoid feeling lethargic, Yuna keeps herself moving.

It’s hot outside, so we all just lie down at home, right? But that will make you lethargic.

— Yuna

She does this to help break out of the cycle of watching TV, sleeping, and using her phone.

Even if you’re lazy, if you wake up a bit earlier to exercise, you’ll feel refreshed.

— Yuna

However, Yuna made everyone laugh when she shared she only does this once a month!

The truth is that she gets a lot of exercise performing and rehearsing as part of ITZY. However, she recommends for everyone else to exercise.

With her physically demanding job, it’s much easier for her to stay thin!