Kaley Cuoco Looks So Toned Showing Off ‘No-Hands Workout’

  • Kaley Cuoco and her trainer shared her “no-hands” workout for injured wrists.

  • The actress has struggled with hand and wrist pain since having her daughter in March.

  • “You can always do it. No excuses!” she said in the clip.

Postpartum life affects all moms differently—and in Kaley Cuoco’s case, she is dealing with hand and wrist pain from holding and caring for her four-month-old, Matilda. “It’s a very real thing. Google it,” she said in a recent Instagram video posted by her trainer, Ryan Sorensen. And so she’s having to get creative in the gym to prevent injury. Enter: a “no-hands” workout created by Sorensen that still helps her get a good burn in.

“Since having her baby @kaleycuoco has been suffering with what’s called Carpal tunnel syndrome, basically numbness and tingling in the hands and arms from a pinched nerve,” Sorensen captioned the post. “So, other than laying off her workouts we just adjust and make them more about lower body and core work.”

To start off, Cuoco did step exercises with resistance bands, then moved on to practicing agility with a flat obstacle course, and even did some sit-ups and side-planks with an exercise ball, keeping her elbows firmly planted on the ground as to not use her hands. She also did loads of cardio, including a treadmill run and standing mountain climbers, and she got a few arm moves in with some no-impact boxing practice while Sorensen dodged her glove-less swings.

By the end of Sorensen’s video, the actress was visibly flushed and sweaty. “And that is how you do a no-hands workout and still get your ass kicked,” she said. “So, you can always do it. No excuses!”

Fans loved the workout inspiration—and many with similar limitations chimed in. “I love these options to stay strong without the pain when I have flare-ups!” one person commented. “I’m in a similar situation after having my baby. Going to try these ?,” another added. “Looks like a tough workout to me…and Kaley killed it per usual. ???” someone else wrote.

As Cuoco mentioned, there is such thing as “Mommy wrist,” which is essentially inflammation of wrist tendons that causes pain on the thumb side of the wrist and is worse with movement of the thumb, per the American Society for Surgery of the Hand. This isn’t the first time the Based on a True Story star has talked about it online—in July, she shared a selfie that showed off her “Mommy wrist” braces. “Did I mention it’s both hands?!” she wrote. “Just me sulking feeling sorry for myself lol.”

To clarify, Mommy wrist is not the same as carpal tunnel, which causes numbness, tingling, and pain in the hand and forearm due to a pinched or compressed nerve, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

Cuoco may be struggling with one, the other, or both—but she clearly isn’t letting the pain get in the way of self-care. Hopefully she starts feeling better soon!

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