Leva Bonaparte’s Weight Loss: A ‘Flab to Fab’ Journey That Inspired Many

Leva Bonaparte is a well-known entrepreneur and television personality. But recently, she has caught social media’s attention for her transformed physique. Leva Bonaparte’s weight loss has become a topic of interest in various social media circles and magazines. The transformation she has gone through is inspirational and also shows her determination for health and wellness. There have been rumors about her new look, which led us to consider the possibility of her having gone under the knife. However, more on that later. 

As far as her fitness goes, the entire weight loss journey of Leva from Southern Charm comprises a balanced diet, regular exercise, and strong determination. She has openly discussed her approach to losing 70 extra pounds that she put on during maternity and emphasized the importance of healthy living and self-care. 

Fans have praised Leva’s new appearance and loved how she transformed. Leva’s weight loss, entrepreneurial skills, and presence on television inspire and motivate many people worldwide. Let’s take a closer look now. 

Who Is Leva Bonaparte?

  • Weight: 56kgs (123.4 pounds)
  • Age: 44 years
  • Birthplace: India
  • Height: 5 feet 6 inches

Leva Bonaparte is a businesswoman and cast member of the reality TV show Southern Charm. Born in India, she moved with her parents for the family business to Charleston, South Carolina and there met the love of her life, Lamar. She is known for her entrepreneurial skills and owns various businesses, including a sports bar named 1st Place, a Mexican Themed restaurant named Mesu, and Bourbon N’ Bubbles, a luxury restaurant and bar. With a net worth of $3.6 million, she has been one of Charleston’s most influential business persons. Leva’s appearance on Southern Charm brought her fame, where she openly discussed social and racial issues. Her leadership and entrepreneurial endeavors continue to inspire many. Leva Bonaparte’s husband, Lamar Bonaparte has been a part of her business, and the duo is living a happy life with a son.

Leva Bonaparte Before Weight Loss

Leva has been gaining weight for a long time, especially since after her first pregnancy, till she decided to prioritize her health and fitness. Her recent pictures have shown the changes that did not go unnoticed.

How Did the Southern Charm Star Manage to Lose Weight?

Leva Bonaparte on Southern Charm usually keeps her personal life away from the public eye. However, a whole lot of inquiries about her appearance prompted her to reveal some personal changes she made to her body.

She tried cardio and changing her diet, but she realized it wasn’t enough. At the time, she did 40 minutes of cardio five times weekly (1). Regular cardio workouts and a balanced diet can effectively help with weight loss. Cardiovascular exercises increase the heart rate, burn calories, and eventually help you lose extra pounds. A balanced diet ensures proper nutrition and calorie control. When maintained on a regular basis, this combination can help enhance metabolism and create a sustainable path toward achieving weight loss goals (1).

Naturally, Leva tried to get into a great body shape. The reality TV star eliminated almost all the carbs. Despite her changed food habits, it was getting harder to get the body that could make her happy. She faced issues with losing weight in her stubborn areas like her waist, upper thighs, and hips. That’s why she opted for cosmetic surgery.

On February 19, Leva opened up about her weight loss journey in an intimate Instagram post. She candidly explained her struggles with weight gain over the years, including gaining 70 pounds during pregnancy with her son Lamar Jr. After reaching her highest weight following COVID-19, she engaged in lifestyle changes and regular cardio exercise, shedding a substantial amount of weight. Leva had lost almost 50 pounds while the remaining 20 pounds were hard to lose as certain “stubborn areas” remained. This led her to consult board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Clayton Crantford for professional assistance.

Though the specific procedures of Leva Bonaparte’s plastic surgery were not explained, she expressed great satisfaction with the outcomes. There is a possibility that she might have undergone a procedure such as liposuction, gastric bypass, gastric band, or sleeve gastrectomy to lose extra pounds. These procedures are generally safe, but they come with potential side effects like nausea, low blood sugar, blood clots, and more (2).

Emphasizing the natural appearance of her transformed body, she praised Dr. Crantford’s work. At the same time, she encouraged others to pursue what makes them happy by following the right medical guidance. 

Other Changes to Leva Bonaparte’s Appearance

In addition to her weight loss journey, Leva’s appearance, particularly her slim and perfectly shaped nose, has sparked curiosity. Many have speculated about her possibly having undergone a nose job. 

However, Leva has neither confirmed nor denied these rumors, leaving the subject a matter of personal conjecture. Speculations about Leva Bonaparte’s nose job will be there. However, her natural beauty continues to be admired among fans and followers.


Leva Bonaparte’s journey with her body has been filled with ups and downs, and Leva Bonaparte’s weight loss has created headlines too. After gaining considerable weight during her pregnancy, she managed to shed most of it through a balance of lifestyle changes, food habits, and exercise. However, she also embraced the remaining extra weight, showing self-acceptance and realistic goal-setting. The way she has talked about the struggles she faced in her weight loss journey has resonated with many. Leva’s approach to her body and health showcases her strength, resilience, and pragmatic attitude. Her weight loss story is about self-acceptance, perseverance, and making personal choices that lead to happiness and well-being. 

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