My sports bra completely split open at the gym

A GYM rat was left mortified when her sports bra split in half mid-workout.

She filmed herself reeling in the bathroom after the incident, wondering how to exit the situation without flashing the crowd.

A GYM rat was mortified after she had a wardrobe malfunction while working outCredit: Tiktok/sierradawnpaton
She was forced to come up with a creative solution to leave the gym without flashing anybodyCredit: Tiktok/sierradawnpaton

Sierra Paton (@sierradawnpaton) is a gym barbie who often shares her fitness routines and athleisure sets on TikTok.

In one video, she revealed the wardrobe malfunction that had her sneaking out of the gym in embarrassed laughter.

“You guys, my sports bra just broke,” admitted the blonde bombshell.

“It just completely split.”

The white top, which is meant to have a zipper going through the front center to keep everything in place, was now split in half – as the zipper had seemingly broken off.

“I’m at the gym right now. I don’t have a shirt with me. What do we do?”

Trying to come up with a method that would see her leave without giving the gym-goers a peep show, she debated running out with her hands over her chest.

“What do we do? Ahhh,” she said, laughing off the uncomfortable situation.

Luckily, most viewers said she’d be in the clear.

“Honestly just walk out casually and not many people will notice,” one wrote.

“Just own it,” a second chimed in.

After another person begged for a follow-up with details, Sierra explained that she ended up pulling both halves of the sports bra close together and used her water bottle as an added buffer cover.

“I was just walking out, looking at my phone and acting like everything was fine, when it very much was not.”

While some viewers told Sierra that other gym-goers wouldn’t notice, she didn’t take the riskCredit: Tiktok/sierradawnpaton