Ree Drummond’s Weight Loss Guide: Simple Steps to Shed Pounds

Famous blogger Ree Drummond’s weight loss took her audience by surprise. The 54-year-old blogger and cooking show host has even opened up about shedding 55 pounds on her blog. It was a simple yet pivotal moment – a night snacking on chips and salsa – that prompted her to decide on a different path. She realized change was needed, especially with her daughter’s wedding on the horizon. This marked the beginning of her remarkable weight loss journey.

Ree Drummond, also known as The Pioneer Woman, now enjoys her healthiest and happiest life alongside her husband and children. Let’s uncover the secrets behind her transformation.

Who is Ree Drummond?

Ree Drummond is a popular American blogger, food writer, and author. Her blog, The Pioneer Woman, offers insights into her life as a ranch wife and mom. It even earned the Weblog of the Year award for three consecutive years.

She made it into the Forbes’ Top 25 Web Celebrities list in 2010. Building on her blog’s popularity, Drummond now stars in her own show on The Food Network and has launched a line of home lifestyle products like cutlery, cookware, appliances, and clothing all under the brand ‘The Pioneer Woman’.

Profile & Stats

  • Real name: Anne Marie Drummond
  • Place of birth: Oklahoma, U.S.
  • Date of birth: January 6, 1969
  • Age in 2023: 54
  • Height: 5 feet 8 inches (175 cm)
  • Weight: 152 pounds (69 kgs)

Ree Drummond’s Weight Loss Journey

Anne Marie, or Ree as she’s fondly called, spills all about her weight loss on her blog – The Pioneer Woman. That’s the place she chats about her family, her way of living, holidays, entertainment, and some yummy food recipes. She also openly shared her remarkable journey of shedding 55 pounds. 

Ree had put on some weight over the years and wanted to get in shape for her daughter Alex’s wedding in 2021. Her biggest motivation was simply feeling better and being more energetic. Ree didn’t hire a fancy trainer, she didn’t dive into Keto or Paleo diets, and she didn’t follow any special or strict eating plan. While those methods do wonders for many, Ree decided to take a different route. Let’s see how did Ree Drummond lost weight with her own approach. 

Ree Drummond’s Diet Routine

Ree Drummond, the famed food blogger, embarked on her weight loss journey in January 2021. Despite the challenges of being a food enthusiast, she committed herself to a disciplined effort. Her strategy was multifaceted, focusing on different aspects of her meals and habits to achieve her weight loss goals. Let’s take a closer look at how she did it.

1. Calorie Management

The main goal here is to eat fewer calories than you burn. This is a crucial step in any weight loss plan (1). Ree also boosted her calorie burn through exercise and daily activities.

If you’re not seeing weight loss results, tracking your calories could be helpful. Ree used online calculators to estimate her daily calorie intake. Remember, too few calories can be unsafe and less effective (2). So strive for a sustainable and healthy reduction of calories.

When choosing foods, be aware that some veggies like potatoes, sweet potatoes, and corn are high in carbs and calories. Hence. opt for options like oats, berries, and fish instead.

2. Weighing Food & Portion Control 

Over the 5-month period, Ree gradually adjusted her portion size to aid in weight loss. Weighing food is key for knowing portion sizes and Ree understood this. She used a digital food scale, to measure her food in grams, which helped her accurately track calories. This method improved her weight loss progress and gave her a clearer idea of portion sizes. Thus she could enjoy delicious meals while consuming less.

3. Amplified Protein Intake

Like in many successful weight loss journeys, Ree increased her daily protein intake.  She started around 15% to 20% of her calories from protein and shifted towards 30% to 40%.

Protein can reduce hunger and boost metabolism, burning around 80 to 100 more calories per day (3), (4). So she focused on consuming high-protein foods like egg whites, chicken, fish, lean beef, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, Swiss cheese, and dark leafy greens.

4. Reducing Sugar Intake

Foods and drinks with lots of added sugars are often high in calories but lack filling nutrients like fiber and protein. This can lead to weight gain (5). Ree recognized this and decided to be careful with her sugar intake. She chose dark chocolate instead of sugary snacks like donuts, which helped her cut down on extra calories. Gradually reducing added sugar can also have positive effects on your health, including keeping a healthy weight and balanced blood sugar levels (6).

5. Alcohol Abstinence 

Drinking alcohol adds extra calories to your diet, increases food cravings, and slows down metabolism. Quitting or cutting back on alcohol is a smart move for weight loss (7). Ree chose to remove alcohol from her diet for several reasons: it contains calories, helps her body adjust to a more active lifestyle, and also she decided to give up on something for the Lent season to add extra motivation. Surprisingly, Ree did that and stayed away from alcohol for over four months during her weight loss journey.

Ree Drummond’s Workout Routine

Ree Drummond’s journey towards a healthier lifestyle wasn’t about achieving a skinny appearance, but rather about feeling and looking healthy. Her goal was to incorporate basic exercises and activities into her routine to achieve that. 

Standing Desk

During the period when Ree was writing a cookbook, she found herself spending extensive hours at her desk on the computer. This prolonged sitting raised concerns about inactivity. To counter this, she introduced an old standing desk, which made a remarkable difference. Working in a standing position encouraged her to move more, take breaks, and stay active. This adjustment not only reduced the sedentary nature of desk work but also enhanced her overall movement.

Overcoming Exercise Aversion

Ree openly admitted her tendency to avoid exercise, but her weight gain compelled her to make a change. Eventually, exercise became a regular part of her transformation process. Whether it was walking her dogs for 2 to 3 miles or using the rowing machine, lifting weights, or practicing Pilates she did make some efforts in her 50s. 

Ree’s Exercises

She began her day by weighing herself before consuming anything, including water or coffee. This weight was then logged into her favorite app, Happy Scale. This practice not only helped her track her progress but also added a sense of accountability and consistency to her journey. Afterward, she would carry on with her daily workout routine. At times, she even exercises twice a day. Let’s take a look at what her routine includes.

Building Muscle Mass with Strength Training

During her weight loss journey, Ree did some research and realized the importance of muscle mass in burning calories. She understood that working on larger muscle groups like the legs and butt could significantly impact her calorie-burning efforts. So, she added exercises like lunges, squats, straight-leg deadlifts, and calf raises to her routine.

Her strength training routine involves using resistance exercises to build both strength and muscle mass. A study confirmed that engaging in resistance training twice a week is more effective for maximizing muscle growth compared to only training once a week (8).

Her main focus was on pilates, a type of strength training. Pilates involves a lot of low-intensity mat exercises done repeatedly to enhance muscle tone. At times, she also used 5 or 8-pound hand weights and sometimes 5-pound ankle weights in Pilates. It can greatly contribute to weight loss and weight management (9).

Initially, she dedicated 5 to 6 days a week to workouts, eventually tapering down to 2 or 3 days. Still, her commitment to exercise, combined with a calorie-deficit diet and portion control, allowed her to maintain her progress even with a reduced workout frequency.


Ree Drummond’s weight loss journey has been nothing short of incredible. She’s determined that her path toward health and well-being is an ongoing one. The daily weigh-ins continue, not for the sake of a number, but for healthy living. Her focus now is on overall vitality, not just the digits on the scale. From mindful eating to incorporating exercise, she’s fully committed to fitness. This transformation has brought her more than just a physical change. She now enjoys clothes she once avoided and joyfully embraces her ranch life at 54. 

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