Slimmer sheds 2st with F45

Weight loss is not easy to achieve, with a healthy diet plan and regular exercise both needed for results.

One man achieved a huge transformation and lost 1st 12lb by shaking up his exercise regime.

Like many Britons, Ryan Duce, 28, had a sedentary desk job which was affecting how active he was.

Not moving much during the day combined with a lack of hobbies left him feeling sluggish and carrying extra weight.

Man before weight loss transformation

Ryan trained around six times a week


Ryan wanted to slim down and tried a number of gyms, however he always struggled to stay consistent and would ultimately cancel his memberships.

He said: “I would spend more time on my phone between sets than actually working out.

“I never built up the motivation to progress past that initial two week hit.”

That was until he found the class-based gym F45. He signed up for the F45 Stratford branch that was just a brisk 30 minute walk from his home.

Before long, Ryan was a frequent visitor. He took part in six classes a week, squeezing them in at 7am before work.

Getting his workout done in the morning gave Ryan more time in the evenings to socialise and focus on cooking healthy meals.

He continued: “I was not a morning person at all when I started this so it took some getting used to.

“I found myself becoming hooked to getting moving most mornings, even to the point where I would get restless if I didn’t get my workout in.”

Man after weight loss

The slimmer’s body fat percentage dropped by 13 per cent


The slimmer credited the motivating staff and the F45 community for helping him stick to the workouts.

He said: “I always used to try working out alone and it never worked for me.

“The team mentality I get during class-based workouts made all the difference to how much effort I put in at the gym.”

Ryan dropped his body fat percentage by 13 per cent and shed 12kg (around 1st 12lb) in his first nine months.