‘This Is Us’ Family Mourns Ron Cephas Jones Death – Deadline

The loss of Ron Cephas Jones at the age of 66 is bringing together the people that knew him personally and the people that worked with him on set.

Ron Fogelman, the creator of This Is Us, took to social media to mourn the loss of Cephas and to remember the “magical time” of collaborating together on the drama series.

“A massive loss. Ron was the best of the best – on-screen, on stage, and in real life. The coolest. The easiest hang and laugh. And my God: what an actor. I don’t think I ever changed a single take of his in a cut… because everything he did was perfect…,” Fogelman shared on X, the microblogging social media platform formerly known as Twitter.

In a second post, Fogelman continued, “I first got to know Ron at the start of This Is Us, a magical time when it felt like we were all being shot out of a cannon. He was always steady, always grateful – even as the madness swirled around us. He loved actors. He LOVED his daughter. And we loved him. All of Us.”

Mandy Moore, who played Rebecca Pearson, in the drama series, took to Instagram to remember the late actor with a heart-warming post.

“Getting to know and work with Ron on the wild ride of This Is Us was the greatest gift- he was pure magic as a human and an artist…I will treasure all of the moments forever,” Moore posted. “Even though he wasn’t around set as much as we all wished, he was such an intrinsic part of the fabric of the show, it’s like he was always there.”

Moore continued, “I’ll never forget how special it was to film this particular episode and welcome him back to say a proper goodbye to our TIU family and the whole experience. I am just so sad. My thoughts and love are with Jasmine and his family and friends. Love you.”

Sterling K. Brown, who played Jones’ biological son on This Is Us, also took to social media to share his thoughts after learning about the loss of the actor.

“Life imitated art today, and one of the most wonderful people the world has ever seen is no longer with us,” Brown shared on Instagram.

“[Jones] has passed away, and the world is a little less bright,” he added. “Brother, you are loved. And you will be missed. Keep them laughing in the next phase of existence, and I’ll see you when I get there.”

Jones died at the age of 66 following “a long-standing pulmonary issue.”