Will the collagen craze really get rid of your wrinkles?

Adding collagen powder to your morning shake or coffee is all the rage right now, but will it really help with anti-aging? Doctors say scoop away — but with a note of caution.

We lose collagen, a naturally produced protein in the body, as we age. The collagen we already have also starts to become more fragmented and loosely distributed. It impacts skin elasticity and bone health.

Smoking, excess drinking, and sugary foods make it worse.

“That can contribute to signs of aging like dry, sagging skin,” said ABC15 Health Insider Dr. Shad Marvasti who says collagen powders, liquids, and supplements have shown promising results in studies.

“It has actually been shown to help with improving skin hydration, elasticity, and…wrinkles as well,” said Dr. Shad.

There are also benefits to bone health, helping prevent osteoporosis, which women are prone to.

Dr. Shad says 10g-15g a day has shown results after eight weeks.

He does caution you always double-check the label and watch for other counter-productive additives.

“Sometimes there’s too much biotin. You want to be mindful of what else is in the supplement, if it’s added protein, added sugar, or anything else,” he said.

Natural food sources are preferred and you can get the benefits from some seafood, bone broth, and extra Vitamin C, either through supplements or fruits and vegetables.

Dr. Shad also cautions that collagen is a protein so anyone with kidney issues should not jump on the collagen craze and instead consult their personal doctor.